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If the hormone is initially elevated, then the test can be used as a tumor marker to help evaluate response to treatment and monitor for recurrence.

It can also indicate that the ovaries are not functioning normally (premature ovarian failure).In an infant boy born with no visible testicles, low levels of AMH may account for the ambiguity of genitalia.If the testicles have not descended but are present in the abdomen, this test may be used to help determine whether they are functioning normally by measuring the AMH level.Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) is not a routinely ordered test but may be useful in specific circumstances. Its role and the amount normally present varies depending upon sex and age. " section for more on this.) Women of childbearing age may have an AMH test ordered along with other hormone tests, such as estradiol and FSH, to estimate the remaining time left to conceive (ovarian reserve).These tests are also useful in evaluating ovarian function and possibly in predicting the onset of menopause.Some in the medical community are advocating the use of AMH as a more routine test, for predicting the end of fertility and the onset of menopause, but there is not a consensus on this use.

It is not considered a diagnostic or "stand-alone" test, but one that supports the diagnosis of one of the conditions mentioned.

There are separate Preventing Discrimination and Harassment training courses, each of which is available in multiple versions for managerial (60 minutes) and for non-managerial (30 minutes) employees.

All versions of the discrimination and harassment training course include pop quizzes, news clippings and a final quiz highlighting real-world compliance issues that employees should learn to recognize and deal with appropriately.

It explains what employees should do to avoid or minimize incidents of discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

It is recommended as a training tool to reduce the risk of legal liability that employers face for violations of federal, state and local workplace discrimination and harassment laws.

The Preventing Sexual Harassment in Athletics course explains the essential principles of sexual harassment in the athletic context and provides guidance to help coaches and other sports-related professionals recognize potential problems, deal with them appropriately, and satisfy their legal duties in the event of misconduct involving a minor.