Online dating reviews net

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Online dating reviews net

That way I have an opportunity to expand my circle of friends that will involve people I have a real connection with.That is something you won't get with a dating site.

True, many places in the US have few members, but since the site recently started in Australia and the UK, it is now growing in the US, so in time, there will be more participants.Many contribute to serious topics; as well as funny's a great way to find humor in your day and meet intelligent and fun people.The main reason I joined was to find a friend or two nearby to hang out with.There have been one or two possibilities that I haven't contacted yet simply because it hasn't been the best time for me yet.I have met some very nice ladies and communicate with a number if other people from all over the place. Stitch is a different type of site and fits the needs of people over 50.

Many at this age are not necessarily looking for "hookups" but more for companions and people to talk with about common issues of the age group.

Many have had life experiences that put us in different circumstances now, and the forums (what others called blogging) are a place to share feelings and get feedback from others on how the "single" life has changed and how it applies in our situations.

There are a couple of forums for widows and widowers and how they are dealing with their situation.

On the dating sites, you are forced to make a judgement about an individual and either give it a go or dismiss them and move on.

With Stitch, I feel like I can get to know someone well enough over a period of time that I might be willing to travel to meet someone.

Other fun topics such as whether to leave the toilet seat up or down, whether to wear cologne or not, how is sex different over 50, keep the participants in "stitches".