Open source validating xml parser

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Open source validating xml parser - dating for professionals in ontario

However, picking such an API limits your choice of parser, and indeed may even tie you to one particular version of the parser since parser vendors tend not to worry a great deal about maintaining native compatibility between releases.Each of these APIs has its own strengths and weaknesses.

It has one or two holes, but they're really off in the weeds of the XML specifications, and you have to look pretty hard to find them. The SAX classes and interfaces model the parser, the stream from which the document is read, and the client application receiving data from the parser. Instead the parser feeds content to the client application through a callback interface, much like the ones used in Swing and the AWT.

DOM, the Document Object Model, is a fairly complex API that models an XML document as a tree. It can both parse existing XML documents and create new ones.

Each XML document is represented as object and the objects it contains.

In order to avoid the difficulties inherent in parsing raw XML input, almost all programs that need to process XML documents rely on an XML parser to actually read the document.

The parser is a software library (in Java it’s a class) that reads the XML document and checks it for well-formedness.

SAX works best when your processing is fairly local; that is, when all the information you need to use is close together in the document.

For example, you might process one element at a time.On the other extreme, the DPH was assumed to be Larry Wall and he was allowed two months for the task.The middle ground was a smart grad student and a couple of weeks.Of course, as Fred Brooks taught us, “In most projects, the first system built is barely usable.It may be too slow, too big, awkward to use, or all three.There are two major standard APIs for processing XML documents with Java, the Simple API for XML (SAX) and the Document Object Model (DOM), each of which comes in several versions.

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