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As the show progresses, Ryan takes a very protective role over Marissa, showing Ryan to be a much more stable, controlled person than originally portrayed.Other storylines include Seth's development from a friendless loner to having two romantic choices in Summer and Anna, as well as the arrivals of Oliver Trask, a troubled teen who befriends Marissa during their coinciding therapy sessions, and Theresa Diaz, Ryan's close friend and former love interest from his hometown of Chino.

The Cooper family, left with little money, is forced to move into a trailer park.

A number of recurring characters are introduced, such as D.

J., Lindsay Gardner, Zach Stevens, and Alex Kelly, with whom the main characters form a variety of relationships.

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A recent Princeton study states: “That within a 10th of a second someone forms an opinion or first impression about you.” The Princeton study found that: “…people made judgments about the attractiveness, likeability, trustworthiness, competence, and aggressiveness of other people after looking at their faces for 100 milliseconds.” That’s mind blowing and the exact reason why you need to make a great first impression.

Meanwhile, Sandy Cohen frequently comes into conflict with Caleb Nichol, Kirsten's father and a wealthy industrialist who is said to "basically own Newport." The second season of The O. continues to follow the tumultuous romantic relationships between Ryan and Marissa, Seth and Summer, and Sandy and Kirsten.

Josh Schwartz, the show's creator, stated that in Season 2, the show would "no longer be about Ryan's past; now it's going to be about Ryan's future," and that this season would "slow down the storytelling a little bit ...

and evolve the characters." For example, the story closely follows Ryan in his advanced physics class, where tension is created between him and another student, Lindsay, who presumes that Ryan will be useless as a lab partner, who thus prevents him from contributing to the work that must be submitted.

Ryan's character begins to grow when he stands up to Lindsay and convinces her to allow him to contribute, forcing them to work together to complete the assignment.

It was widely referred to as a pop cultural phenomenon and received mostly positive reception from critics.

Season 1 focuses on Ryan Atwood's arrival in Newport Beach to live with Sandy and Kirsten Cohen, who take him in after his mother kicks him out.

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