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Cannabis businesses here are watching trends in the U. and getting ready to sell the products that consumers want.

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“Might as well stock up.” The store had traditional dried weed for sale in glass jars, but half the display cases were filled with cookies, gummy candies shaped like teddy bears, tea, cannabis concentrates and vape pens loaded with cannabis oil.

“Ever.” Jonathan Page, a scientist at the University of British Columbia who runs a lab that tests cannabis, speculates that cannabis-infused drinks may be allowed first.

People are used to making the distinction between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, he says.

More detail will be unveiled in the regulations, which many in the industry expect to be restrictive.

“I don’t think we’ll see gummy bears in Canada,” says Trina Fraser, an Ottawa lawyer who specializes in cannabis businesses.

People used to the instant hint of smoking a joint, or who are trying edibles for the first time, can be caught by surprise.

Eating too much can cause severe anxiety, nausea, vomiting, and psychotic episodes.But Battley and others working to make the cannabis industry mainstream also realize the importance of government regulations.“I’m going to say something people in the industry probably aren’t going to be happy about, but I think edibles are probably the riskiest area of the cannabis industry,” says Michael Gorenstein, president of Cronos Group, which owns two medical cannabis growers.The federal government is taking a cautious approach.“Designing an appropriate regulatory system for cannabis edibles is a complex undertaking and there are unique potential health risks and harms that need to be carefully understood before the development and coming into place of these regulations,” according to a government statement.It’s a reflection of a broad shift among marijuana users away from smoking.