Outlook display name not updating

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Outlook display name not updating - Chat with philippine pornstars

If you use a desktop or mobile client that is configured via POP/IMAP, you may also have the ability to set your display name using that client.Setting your display name from your client will only change your "From" address on messages that you send from that client and will not impact the way your name is displayed in the Global Address List.

For Office 365 service accounts, the display name was manually set by your domain administrator at the time your account was created.

Your display name appears in the Office 365 Global Address List (GAL).

It also appears on the To/CC lines when you receive email and on the From line when you send email.

This results in quite large display names which aren’t always meaningful, get truncated or clutters the Outlook interface more than it should.

For instance, when you set the delivery for multiple POP3 accounts to a single pst-file, it doesn’t make sense that the pst-file in Outlook is named after the email address of only 1 account.

This is also know as “the root folder of a mailbox” or “top level folder” since it is the main container of all the folders within your mailbox.

The name of the mailbox is also appended in the Favorites section when you have folders with the same name added there.If you want this display name to be different from the account name, use the MFCMAPI method.For Outlook 2010 and previous, changing the display name of the IMAP mailbox is the same as for any other pst-file: Another way to do this in Outlook 2007 or 2010 is to select the Data Files tab in Account Settings and then double click on the pst-file.Another example is when you have 2 or more accounts and want a more elegant or shorter display name like “Work” and “Private” rather than the full email address.Some display names can easily be changed but others, like for instance for Exchange and accounts, can be more challenging to change.Also, the display name of an IMAP 2013, EAS of Outlook Hotmail Connector mailbox can’t be set separately from the display name of the account.

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