Pansexual dating

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Pansexual dating

I have trans friends but I would be a bit uncomfortable dating them. For those who make a distinction between the two, the latter is called "pansexuality". I think the difference between bisexuality and pansexuality is that if you're pansexual you are supposedly not conscious about the gender of the person while a bisexual is more limited. You see, the problem with what you said is that you basically said that there are only three gender identities: cis female, cis male, and trans. while there ARE cis girls, cis guys, and trans girls and trans guys, you need to understand that some trans folk identify as binary and some identify as nonbinary. Nongender, demigirl, demiboy, androgynous are just a few of them.

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also I think pansexual can be a way of stating you understand and still be attracted to people who would not class themselves as male or female.

There's no limits in the gender department- gender goes beyond men and women, there's more complexities in humans, where limits aren't necessary.

I also know bisexual people, and they say that they'd rather stick to men and women rather than the other gender identities. When I said 'gender blind' I may have been thinking of 'gender indifference' - pansexuals can acknowledge someone's gender identity, and is open to all gender identities.

Basically, I think pansexuality is just a way of saying "I'm bisexual but I'm too hip to call myself bisexual because it's too mainstream" because on another site I use it seems everyone is supposedly "pansexual" Opinions? If I loved him it wouldn't matter at all so please don't treat transgendered people differently!

I have a transwoman friend and she gets made fun of a lot for apparently being not a "girl" and it hurts me a lot to see how sad she feels about that sometimes.) i do not agree.

I understand this is not what you meant but it is still not very accurate.

That's not how sexuality works, regardless of how many genders you think there are nothing can change the fact that sexuality is purely sexual and has nothing to do with the way you view gender/gender identity Honestly, no. As a pansexual, I find this claim extremely offensive.

Whether they are male, female, transgender, intersex, ect.

Someone who is bisexual may not be attracted to these people, which is why they are considered Bi and not pansexual.

There are also bisexuals that would disagree with your statements (clearly shown above) about being attracted to transgenders- it's not discrimination or anything of that matter, some people just truly can't find themselves attracted to certain people.

Remember the term "gender-blind." From my personal perspective of being pansexual, it isn't to "label myself as a cooler form of bisexuality", it's where you mostly focus on personality alone.

First of all, the difference between being pan and being bi: bisexuals are, by definition, attracted to two or more genders. They can feel attracted to anyone, like pans, but there's still a difference. We're attracted to the personality of someone, because that's really the only thing we care about.

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