Peerguardian not updating

06-Nov-2016 19:03 by 8 Comments

Peerguardian not updating

Greetings, I'm already using Peer Guardian and was just curious do I need to utilize it from within Deluge?

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People who are unfamiliar with this kind of programme may have trouble getting to grips with Peer Guardian at least at first at the rather basic look of the programme may put some people off.

Some of the preferences available for the user are: Once all lists have been selected, downloaded, and updated, set Peer Guardian to launch either at startup or at the user’s request.

Peer Guardian works mainly in the background and most users will not even notice it.

However it is free to download and use and once users become familiar with it the programme tends to work flawlessly.

Peer Guardian 2 is Methlabs’ premier IP blocker for Windows.

Despite being free to download and use Peer Guardian comes packed with great features such as a special list editor support for multiple lists automatic updates and blocking.

Using this programme is the safest way to make sure that privacy is protected when using P2P and a large number of people from all around the world are already taking advantage of it for both personal and professional use while various blacklisted IP addresses are also included in the package.With features like support for multiple lists, a list editor, automatic updates, and blocking all of IPv4 (TCP, UDP, ICMP, etc), Peer Guardian 2 is the safest and easiest way to protect your privacy on P2P.Peer Guardian is a free open source tool that allows you to easily block large numbers of IP addresses in Mac OS X.This can lead to some problems with other Apple accessed servers though, like .Mac mail, some i Chat traffic, and the Network Time Protocol.Of course you can manually edit the IP block list and remove Apple entirely if this is too restrictive for your needs.

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