Pierce brosnan dating history

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“It was extremely courageous of her to get out of the mangled lifestyle of Catholicism and shaming, and find a life for herself and myself,” says Brosnan. There are no windows; it’s just the shell of a house.

“I knew that I’d found sanctuary when I went there,” he says, “and I knew I’d found a lifestyle that enabled me to be many people all at the same time and to explore my own fractured life.” He dabbled in experimental theatre, doing plays on the underground and almost getting arrested at a Rolling Stones gig for, as he puts it, “getting in the way, loitering and trying to do puppet theatre activities”.

In reality, he says, he’s “very easily flustered, thrown off – I lose my way like most people”.

He crafted a niche as a leading man in a way that seemed entirely natural, yet still felt at heart like a character actor.

His father, Thomas, left his mother, Mary, when Brosnan was two; the young Brosnan was shuttled between friends and grandparents and the Christian Brothers, a group whose brutality towards the children in their care was the subject of a newspaper expose in 1964.

(Brosnan has spoken in the past of the “paddybats, the straps that would fly out of the soutane like vipers’ tongues, the beatings amid the prayers”.) In the same year, Mary was able to send for her son to join her in England, where she had sought to make a new life.

It’s a combination that makes me loath to ask about the most recent tragedy he has endured – the death of his adopted daughter, Charlotte, who died last summer, aged 42, of the same cancer that killed her mother.

I ask how he has coped with difficult periods in his personal and professional life. The dark times and the troubles, they’ll come regardless.“Faith,” he says, unexpectedly, “I have a strong faith, being Catholic Irish, that has been maintained throughout my life. You just hope you have the strength and courage to address them and endure.You want to live as many lives as possible in one, you want to do as much as you can.” It was acting that offered salvation to Brosnan when he was a young man.And he likes to subvert his smooth Bond persona – he does so in The Love Punch, but think too of his roles as the manipulative MI6 agent in The Tailor of Panama (2001), or as the hitman in The Matador (2005), sipping margaritas and strutting through a hotel lobby dressed only in cowboy boots and black underpants.“The leading man arena can be fairly vacant and vacuous,” he says.It doesn't take long for Richard to realize that his past is hard to escape, as is the toll his strained relationship with his dysfunctional father has had on him.