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If authentic and if actually referring to a recognizable version of the modern game, the 1791 document, would be, as of 2004, the earliest known reference to the game in America.

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A reference librarian, Ann Marie Harris, found the actual by-law in the Berkshire Athenaeum library, and its age was verified by researchers at the Williamstown Art Conservation Center.On Thursday a line of green and red tractors will parade from the fairgrounds into Pinckneyville.The event annually draws several thousand visitors and many camp out to participate in all five days of the show.Craig was killed; he was the first Secret Service agent killed while on a presidential protection detail.Roosevelt, whose face and left shin were badly bruised, nearly came to blows with the trolley motorman, Euclid Madden.In 2012, the city was listed among the 10 best places for single people to retire in the U. He planned to subdivide and resell to others who would settle there.

He formed a partnership with Philip Livingston, a wealthy kinsman from Albany, New York, and Col.Walton was struck near mile-marker 85 east of New Berlin. Urbana Rethinks Plans For Fiber-Optic Network (Urbana, IL) -- Members of Urbana's city council say they'll review an agreement to install a new fiber-optic network through the region.Officials say they need to address concerns over the plan which would invite a private firm called "Gigabit Squared" to build the high-speed network to serve Urbana, Champaign and Savoy.John Stoddard of Northampton, who had claim to 1,000 acres (4.0 km) here.A group of young men came and began to clear the land in 1743, but the threat of Indian raids around the time of King George's War soon forced them to leave, and the land remained unoccupied by Englishmen for several more years.Stanley's enterprise was the forerunner of the internationally known corporate giant, General Electric (GE).