Resume updating tips

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They craft their resumes in order to illustrate what they can do for an organization – not what they expect to receive.

Technology will also play a larger role in crafting creative resumes, making the information presented more intellectually and visually stimulating.Similarly, Kinkaid says that it’s not necessary to list your grade point average on your resume.“If an employer needs your GPA, he or she will ask you for it.Jesse Wright, Vice President of Recruiting and Delivery at Adecco Engineering and Technology, has been recruiting since 1998 and has since worked for two large staffing firms with various roles through recruiting, sales and management.Tony Beshara founded and is president of Babich & Associates, the oldest placement and recruitment service in the state of Texas.A professional recruiter since 1973, Beshara has authored and published five best-selling books on job searching, and he has made numerous appearances on both the Dr. Dana Manciagli is a nationally-syndicated Business Journal columnist and provides speaking, coaching and expert career advice on a global scale.

Leveraging her 30-plus years as a corporate executive and hiring manager, she has been featured in Forbes, The Fiscal Times and on NPR, and is the author of “Cut the Crap, Network for Success!Although this used to be a standard addition to resumes, it’s now just a waste of space that could be used to further illustrate someone’s qualifications.Hiring managers already know that candidates will make references available if they are asked.In order to craft a resume that’s not only professional but current, it’s important to look to recent trends as well as tried and true approaches.Discover how to blend the best of both into a steller resume that can help take your career to the next level.Likewise, recruiters don’t want to see a detailed description of the companies worked for previously, something old-fashioned resumes often emphasized.