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And while Jess was unforthcoming about Rob, she did reveal that she was ‘delighted’ to try her hand at modelling.

One such occasion was when some of the Irish team members flew to Dubai following the Rugby World Cup, with Rob posing happily beside Jess, along with team-mates Cian Healy and Luke Fitzgerald.She posed today on behalf of the National Lottery, to publicise the fact that tomorrow’s Euro Millions Jackpot is heading towards €60m.And in the true spirit of these photocalls, which have usually featured the likes of Roz Purcell or Rosanna Davison in some kind of cheesy pose beside a giant cheque or holding a wad of cash, as you can see from these pictures, Jess has taken to the task like a fish to water!,” he posted on Facebook by way of public announcement.“The past few months have been crazy, but throughout all of this you've given me a reason to smile.”The American athlete, who came second in the World’s Strongest Man competition despite being just 25 years old, becomes the first ever openly homosexual competitor to take part in the sport at a professional or international level.Speaking to the “He and I have been together for two months and I didn't want to hide it anymore (I'm sort of a romantic),” he said.Rugby star Rob Kearney has said he went on a “detective rampage” to track down the people who created a parody Twitter account about him and his brother Dave being boring.

The ‘Boringkearney’ parody Twitter account was set up five years ago and sends hilariously bland tweets about washing lines and feeding cats under the guise of brothers Rob and Dave Kearney. I started playing professional rugby when I was 18 and I was just out of boarding school so it was a massive change for me coming up to Dublin and having my own free time and going out on the weekends.

“It is rowing instead of swimming so I don’t know how I will be at that.

“I have kayaked once or twice, but one of my friends is a fitness instructor so she is always going off an doing these mad adventures and she roped me into doing it with her,” she told The Herald.

One of this area’s most eligible bachelors, Rob Kearney, is off the market and has been for a year, according to a report in today’s Herald.

The newspaper has revealed that the 28-year-old rugby star has been dating “blonde bombshell” Jess Redden for the last year.

Interesting and all as that is, what we really wanted to know was what Rob was like as a boyfriend…