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Bottom A female appointed by the trafficker/pimp to supervise the others and report rule violations.Operating as his “right hand,” the Bottom may help instruct victims, collect money, book hotel rooms, post ads, or inflict punishments on other girls.

Daddy An organization, operating chiefly via cell phone and the internet, which sends a victim to a buyer’s location (an “outcall”) or arranges for the buyer to come to a house or apartment (an “in-call”); this may be the workplace of a single woman or a small brothel.Branding — A tattoo or carving on a victim that indicates ownership by a trafficker/pimp/gang.Brothel (a/k/a Cathouse or Whorehouse) — These establishments may be apartments, houses, trailers, or any facility where sex is sold on the premises. Most brothels have security measures to prevent attacks by other criminals or provide a warning if law enforcement are nearby.This may also refer to a victim who is disobeying the pimp’s rules.Pimp Circle — When several pimps encircle a victim to intimidate through verbal and physical threats in order to discipline the victim or force her to choose up.Lot Lizard — Derogatory term for a person who is being prostituted at truck stops.

Madam — An older woman who manages a brothel, escort service or other prostitution establishment.Victims are instructed to keep their eyes on the ground at all times.According to traditional pimping rules, when a victim makes eye contact with another pimp (accidentally or on purpose), she is choosing him to be her pimp.Seasoning is designed to break down a victim’s resistance and ensure compliance.Squaring Up — Attempting to escape or exit prostitution.Some escort services are networked with others and can assemble large numbers of women for parties and conventions.

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