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For a more upbeat song to add to your mix, “Always Love” is an excellent choice, featuring an irresistible chorus and lyrics that will be sure to make their way to her facebook status.Another catchy number with loads of gorgeous imagery.

She needs time to digest them and form opinions about just how much she loves the songs or hates them. You want her waiting in anticipation for the next installment, not pushing through them like a goddamned homework assignment.

It should also be noted that it is never necessary to make more than one mixtape; I have always found it best to stop after one and then only continue upon request. First, if she likes it enough and is really into you, she will probably ask for another one.

Second, if she enjoy it, shoving more of your shitty music in her face is going to be frustrating and annoying, even if she does like you.

Let me preface this by stating outright that there are better ways to go about wooing the female object of your desire. There is no substitute for self-confidence, and slyly passing along a once blank CD upon which you poured your heart and soul to a near stranger will only win you an awkward look – or a restraining order.

However, a well thought out mixtape, delivered at the right time, can be a very romantic gesture.

Also, if she can’t appreciate a song with a run time of over four minutes, she’s not the kind of shallow person you want to impress anyway. A shiny silver disc is alright on its own, but putting some thought into the display shows her that you are willing to go the extra mile.

Just don’t get too festive or she might start introducing you to her guy friends.Download Song | More About This Artist ___________________________________________________________________________ Thus concludes our first volume of “Making Mixtapes for Girls.” I hope you found it entertaining and/or useful, and remember: how creative and thoughtful the CD ends up being is completely up to you!its a good thing nobody cares about gender norms here.A mixtape is supposed to say something, either about her or yourself, and there is nothing of romantic value that you can possibly need to divulge after spending twenty-five minutes chatting at the food court and sharing a Wendy’s frosty.If you come on too strong, you, like that frosty, will soon be nonexistent in her eyes, when she hears the songs, so try to steer clear of more popular items that she may have already associated a memory with.You want to be a lot more subtle about your motives, let your feelings speak through the music rather than blatantly through the lyrics.

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