Sapphire elia and matthew james thomas dating

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Sapphire elia and matthew james thomas dating

When Moira arrives home she sides with Cain leading Adam to leave the farm and move in with his girlfriend Victoria.Soon Victoria is getting annoyed with Adam taking advantage and not doing anything and tells him to go back to the farm, Adam refuses to.

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Declan finds out about the affair and sacks Adam and claims to make his and his family's life hell and kicks Ella out of his house, he also bans Mia from seeing Adam.

After Robbie comes home from court Adam and him have been drinking all day in the pub.

Cain has words with him as he is giving him and Moira dirty looks in the pub.

A few months later Adam goes to France to visit Aaron and Ed.

October of that year Adam starts going out with Victoria Sugden.

Adam throws the blowtorch and watches the place go on fire, he panics after he realises what he has done and runs out, closing the door, locking Cain in the garage. Adam tells Aaron about the fire and Aaron begs Cain not to tell the police.

As the investigation about the fire goes on Aaron tells the police that he started the fire in the garage, protecting Adam.With Adam and Cain still not seeing eye to eye, Moira goes to London to visit Hannah and Holly leaving Adam and Cain in the house together.Adam throws a house party to try and annoy Cain and sets a bet with Natalie to sleep with Cain.A few weeks later Mia and Adam start dating again, unknown to anybody but are soon caught put by Declan. After John and Moira rekindled their relationship Adam, Hannah and Holly booked a weekend away for them.On the way to the hotel the jeep skidded on some black ice on the road leading John and Moira to crash.He confessed he saw them kissing but told Aaron his sexuality would have no bearing on their friendship and his secret was safe.

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