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Below we have collected some language for specific mobile products (specific one off procurements.) A mobile website refers to a site that is designed to be accessed by mobile Web browsers.Responsive design sites adjust content to fit the size of a person’s device screen.

Agencies also leverage cross development platforms for native apps.

Sample #1 Applications accessed through the internet on mobile browsers are called mobile web apps.

These applications are developed with web technologies like HTML, JQuery and Java Script.

Every time when i start Lightroom the "getting started windows" of Lightroom Mobile pops up.

Any idea how to permanently disable Lightroom Mobile and/or getting rid of the annoying gettting started window?

You should consult your contracting officer for specific language, but FAR code 52.227.17 generally addresses Authorization and Consent.

Agencies need to identify a list of deliverables/types of code that they will own and what is patentable by the contracting organization.This is necessary if you wish to publish the code written by the contractor for your contract under a license where the government asserts copyright ownership.This is generally not necessary if you are just USING open source code or APIs.Sample #1 A native application or app is an application program that has been developed for use on a particular platform or device.When writing an SOW for a native app, it’s important to properly explain the functionalities of the app.The sample language below can help for current mobile development skills for contractors.