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Scott cunneen dating - past dating ticket

If he can interact with the public and deal with certain issues, we should take that in and learn from that to expand our own comfort zones.

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Chris’ experiences enable him to think outside the box to accomplish his goals.

However, both his immediate supervisors requested to keep him at Labatt Park and Chris agreed.

Mike Reidy says, “We didn’t want him to leave but wanted what was best for him and if it was going to broaden his horizon we were good with that.

” For instance, part of his job entails chalking lines on the playing field at Labatt Park.

This usually requires hammering a peg into home plate and running a rope line in order to chalk a straight line to first base.

He also plays a large and important role in customer service, answering numerous questions and helping people at the park.

Scott Preece, Supervisor of Operations for Parks and Recreation says, “When he came to us last year and I talked to him, I figured out very quickly how independent Chris is.” Scott goes on to say Chris came into his second summer at the park, “Very seasoned.When he’s not working Chris is busy completing his third year at Brock University, majoring in Communications department, Chris was one of the top 25 new individuals hired to the Parks and Recreation Department in 2012.He was placed at the historic Labatt Park where he has now worked two full summers cutting grass, performing field maintenance, cleaning dressing rooms and washrooms, as well as maintaining the bike path from Queens Avenue to Oxford Street.This past summer Ability First had the opportunity to talk with the team that is responsible for maintaining London’s historic Labatt Park.Chris Cunneen applied to work with Parks and Recreation because he has always been encouraged by his parents and grandparents to go after his dreams.He knows exactly what’s going on, he knows how to handle situations and he knows how to deal with the public.