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(Welcome to The Best Movies You’ve Never Seen, a series that takes a look at slightly more obscure, under-the-radar, or simply under-appreciated movies.

Mature stories, which include partial nudity in the story image, and graphic sex and violence are easily searchable. The privacy policy explains the personal information that is collected from users and specifies it is not for users younger than 13 due to the information collected.

It’s an admittedly weird little British film that almost certainly features an abundance of jokes designed strictly for Brits – there are some accent shifts and specific references that probably play better with locals – but enough gets through to inform the film’s tone and humor.

The jester/clown takes on various personas, always with that face though, and enters into conversations with some of the characters, transporting them to imagined scenarios and locales.

Most aren’t all that memorable, but one sits atop the heap of the best and scariest.

Stephen King’s opens in theaters this week, and I can confirm that it’s a creepy, scary delight that nails both the novel’s horror elements and its character beats.

Karen Black, ’80s regular Cameron Dye, and the legendary character actor Geoffrey Lewis all make appearances, and perennial weasel Tracey Walter actually plays the lead detective on the case.

Toss in Paul Bartel and a brief appearance by Divine, and you have a movie that’s guaranteed to keep you entertained – provided you enjoy gory murder mysteries, naked women, clown masks, low budgets, and actors who are mostly dead now. A man wins a big, creepy house in a poker game, but when he brings his family there they discover the current resident’s nasty sense of humor.

As gory as some of the deaths get, the film’s a comedy through and through, although that doesn’t mean you’ll be laughing nonstop.

Most of the laughs that do make it come directly from Tim James’ title performance as he wise cracks and talks straight into the camera, but it’s also fun seeing the legendary Christopher Lee drop by with a smile or two.

He’s not the only creepy clown we can find onscreen of course.

A killer in a clown mask stalks and kills women working for a sex-chat line.

Two clowns, one designated as happy and the other as sad, compete over the love of a beautiful trapeze artist, but there’s not romance here.

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