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Strategic alliances with media and information technology companies, such as Comtex News Network, Radio France Internationale, and the BBC, extend All Africa's global reach.

Warm Africa Calling itself “Africa’s E-Village,” this website allows you to select a region or country and/or a topic and then browse the latest headlines, selected articles, live weather, forums, maps and guides and more.

Politically, it's a Republican state for the most part, but elects GOP moderates.

The cities can lean Democratic - both Chattanooga and Nashville have Democratic mayors.

Licenses are available to most permanent residents who pass an examination on operation, equipment, and regulations affecting Amateurs.

Interest in learning about Ham radio and getting a license or possibly upgrading your current license? Please contact any of our officers via e-mail and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

While continuing this program, today we are doing more men's work by providing retreats and resources through Join Men.

News, travel, music, general information This website is among the Internet's largest content sites, posting over 1000 stories daily in English and French and offering a diversity of multi-lingual streaming programming as well as over 900,000 articles in a searchable archive (which includes the archive of Africa News Service dating from 1997).High Point Amateur Radio Club (HPARC) is a diverse group of individuals who share a common interest in the hobby of Amateur Radio.Radio Amateurs (or "Hams" as they are commonly called) are those who hold a valid FCC license and are interested in Amateur Radio for personal and non-monetary reasons.This rich calendar of activities – including intergenerational visits and devotions from our Pastoral Care team – takes place within a single secure environment: a Cross Keys Village residential cottage that was reconfigured for this use and redecorated in late 2017.Our program is located in Adams County, directly off of Route 30.Its statistics, basic information, and demographics on selected African countries are quite comprehensive.