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Many expatriates cannot send money to their home countries for different reasons like their iqama expired, or Kafeel has set a huroob status on their Iqama.This is a money laundering offense which may result to harsh penalties by the Saudi Government.

“Drinking Alcohol (Liquor) in Saudi Arabia”Unmarried Couple Living together: one can live in a shared living to minimize the cost of living.

Violation of law puts the offender in great troubles.

He may be punished, imprisoned or even deported in some cases.

They have hired special teams to trace the illegal usage of the satellite.

Use of illegal satellite is not only a hazard for thousands of employees of the TV industry rather it is a great crime in the context of violation of copyright laws in Saudi Arabia.

Someone may think that no one is watching him doing littering but the matter of fact is that it is not unseen.

Jaywalk: Crossing a road through an unspecified point is jaywalk and is an offense under the Saudi law.It is also a great hazard for the person and other road users as well.Washing cars on the roadside or letting the water flow on road otherwise: An expat may think that washing car on roadside will save him some money.This offense may result in an imprisonment and a further punishment of lashes may also be added.Being in possession of Alcohol: Alcohol is prohibited in Saudi Arabia.Using an Illegal Satellite TV: Usage of illegal decoders for satellite televisions is an offense.

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