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Once you have Bukkit installed, you have 2 options to install plugins. By using your control panel to install plugins through FTP 2. Now, the desired plugin needs to loaded into this folder, and that is done by simply dragging the plugin and dropping it the plugins folder, provided you have it already with you on your hard disk. Wait for the upload to complete, and then click on the red cross (x) mark appearing at the upper right side of the upload menu. When you do this, and are back to the screen after the restart, you will observe that the plugin will have installed in the folder, and might have generated a sub folder in the ‘plugins’ folder.

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Minecraft is undoubtedly among the most loved games; it has really taken the gaming world by storm.

Neat Video plug-in for Premiere 2.2Neat Video is a filter specifically designed to reduce visible noise in digital video clips produced by modern digital video capturing devices as well as digitized from traditional film or VHS records.

CGM Aged Film LE (Final Cut Pro Plugin) 2.5.7, 4-17-2009CGM Aged Film LE is a video filter for Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Express, designed to make your DV footage look less like video and more like film.

Just in case you thought that creating your dream Minecraft server will cost you too much money, will involve too many painstaking effort, and will not exactly result in high performance server, check out Bukkit.

The new age Minecraft server mod is the most impressive Minecraft server customization applications to hit the digital spheres till now, with underlying focus on ease of customization, automatic and in-built upgrade mechanisms, and above all, the best performance without any bloat.

Admin plugins let you disable or enable chat functions, have an automatically generated white list, report players who break rules and much more.

There are plugins which allow diagonal blocks, and even some which have self-protect systems for PVP servers.Discerning gamers particularly love Minecraft because of the multiplayer options, which are so sophisticated that you can new servers to add more features to the gaming experience, such as teleportation and money stakes.Of course, that’s not possible with the traditional Minecraft server; you need Bukkit, which is an open source version of Minecraft’s conventional server, as it supports all kinds of plugins to add to the pleasure of gaming.To explore the fun side, there are plugins that allow you to talk to NPCs, have an ultra hardcore version where regeneration doesn’t take place when you eat food and teleportation is disabled.Plugins allow the use of God stones which completely replenish a player, stones which allow players to build cities underwater, and let players move entire projects from one place to another.Keep all kinds of grief at bay, right from building/breaking, thefts, spawn camping and fire to spam, lava and more.

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