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Pr EP is not suitable protection from HIV for everyone.You need the discipline to take the pills consistently to prevent infection and must be prepared to follow the programme that goes along with it.

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The Truvada patent In other words, ordering generic Pr EP online, whether with or without a prescription, is not allowed.

Off-label use is legal if there are guidelines available for doctors to consult.

Pr EP guidelines are currently in the making and we expect that they will be available by September 2016.

Pr EP can be taken in two different ways: it can be taken on a daily basis or it can be taken only in the period around having sex.

In the last case, you take two pills from 24 hours to at the latest 2 hours before sex and every 24 hours after the first dose you take one pill.

You will have to continue with taking pills every 24 hours, until two days have passed since your last sexual contact.

You are protected from HIV if you take Pr EP consistently and follow the schedule you have chosen.

The Amsterdamse Pr EP study has 370 spots, but more people are interested.

There are men who use Pr EP without being in the study.

Truvada, the pill that can prevent HIV, has not yet been approved as a preventive medication in Europe. However, any family doctor can prescribe Truvada for ‘off-label use’.

Off-label means that a medication is prescribed for a different use than the one it has officially been approved ('labeled') for by Dutch and European organisations.

Pr EP is a pill that prevents you from getting HIV.