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AI will operate through the so-called Internet of Things using conversation instead of typing."Our privacy, diversity and democracy will be challenged," Professor Walsh said."[Government] intelligence [agencies] can't wait for every room to be listening to us.Marketers, too, would love all this data about our everyday lives.

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Most people won't bother buying cars and will lose driving skills.Leading Australian artificial intelligence scientist Professor Toby Walsh is warning that we are "sleepwalking" into an AI future in which billions of machines and computers will be able to think.Professor Walsh, from the University of New South Wales, is calling for a national discussion about whether society needs to adopt clear boundaries and guidelines around how AI is developed and how it's used in our lives.But should we hand over decisions like hiring and especially firing to a computer?"We will have to learn when to say to computers: 'Sorry, I can't let you do that.' It's not enough for a machine to do a task better than a human.Cyber-crime to date has been relatively low-tech with phishing and malware attacks.

But AI will surpass human hackers — and the only defence will be another AI program. But these technologies will also quickly find their way into the civilian sphere.A few people will resist and determinedly follow a disconnected 20th Century life.But most of us will take advantage of having just about everything in our lives connected: fridges, toasters, baths, door locks, windows, bicycles and pot plants.But there will be increasing concern about the seductive nature of these unreal, alternate worlds.There may be an underclass of addicts who spend every waking moment in them.The oceans, skies and railroads of the planet will be filled with autonomous ships, planes and trains transporting cargo without any people on board, as driverless car technology spreads to other industries. And children will no longer grow up wanting to be train drivers."Planes carrying people will probably continue to be piloted by humans," Professor Walsh said."But after several decades of safe flights by cargo planes, the debate will begin whether humans should still be airline pilots."Nearly every part of this prediction is already here — it's just that no-one has yet pulled all the pieces together.

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