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More ground balls were hit to the shortstop than to anyone else, and then he had to make the longest throw to first.

There had never been any doubt about the choice—there was only one glove in the store with the name of Aparicio Rodriguez inscribed in the pocket—but Henry took his time, trying on every glove, amazed by the sheer fact of being able to The glove seemed huge back then; now it fit him snugly, barely bigger than his left hand. When he came home from Little League games, his mother would ask how many errors he’d made. ” he’d crow, popping the pocket of his beloved glove with a balled‑up fist.It was the last week of August, just three weeks after he’d met Mike Schwartz in Peoria.He’d been on the bus from Lankton all night, and the straps of his duffel bags formed a sweaty X across his chest.MONTROSE – A former Dolores County sheriff’s deputy has been arrested on suspicion of child sexual abuse involving five boys at various times over the past decade.Joshua Hemphill, 25, of Montrose, was arrested last week.His bail was maintained at 0,000 at a hearing Thursday, court officials said.

Court records allege Hemphill sexually abused a 12-year-old boy he met through a mentoring program in 2014, a 13-year-old boy that he met at through a mentoring program event in 2016, even though he had been dismissed as a volunteer; and three other boys.

When he reached high school, things happened much the same. As his dad stood up to carry his plate to the sink, he clapped Henry on the shoulder and smiled broadly. Two tall guys in shorts and flip-flops staggered toward an open doorway beneath the weight of a gigantic flat-screen TV. From an upper window somewhere drifted the sound of a violin.

Coach Hinterberg later told him he’d planned to cut him until the last fifteen minutes of tryouts. A squirrel tore down out of a tree and bumped against the leg of the guy walking backward—he screamed and dropped to his knees, and the corner of the TV sank into the plush new sod. Henry found Phumber Hall and climbed the stairs to the top floor.

Two of the boys reported being drugged and sexually assaulted. Hemphill’s case was assigned to public defender Patrick Crane. In July, a boy in South Dakota told his probation officer that Hemphill had sexually abused him in Colorado in 2014.

Hemphill was arrested last week for violating a restraining order that another family obtained to keep him away from their children, including a boy Hemphill met through a mentoring program event last year.

The rookie deputy was well-known in the Dolores County community, having attended high school in Dove Creek, Martin said.“I knew the kid from when he was young,” he said.

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