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Among them, true lesbian beauties in love with making out and masturbating.If anything, the taboos surrounding rape here would suggest that the crime is underreported in Alaska, relative to other states.What's unclear is exactly why the violence is occurring. That conversation and others like it led me to the small community where I met Sheldon – and to the decision to focus on offenders rather than victims.In the shack lives Ruth's husband, Sheldon – love of her life, father to her many adopted children, a few of whom live with her next door.A clothesline, maybe 30 feet long, connects the homes.Alaska's rape rate is the highest in the country -- three times the national average.

To find out why, I went to Alaska to talk with victims, politicians -- and the rapists.

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There was a time when politicians in Alaska argued rape survivors were simply reporting rape more often in this state than elsewhere.

Those arguments, however, have been largely abandoned as the scope of the violence has become clearer.

The extent of Alaska's problem with violence against women is both horrifying and clear: Alaska's per capita rate of reported rape is the highest in the country, according to 2012 FBI crime data.