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These poorly understood conflicts are usually associated with long hiatuses and the fall of dynasties.The name comes from the glyph, which shows a star (presumably Venus) pouring liquid on the earth.

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Local tour guides say that the nickname "Caracol" originates from the large population of snails present on the site.This pattern is seen spreading out through the Peten region likely controlled by Caracol, although this spread is independent of other material cultural indicators (like caching practices).K’an II commissioned more monuments than any other ruler, and ushered in the ‘golden age’ of Caracol.Researchers would say to go to "that one place with all the snails", and this eventually developed into just referring to it as "Caracol".When visiting the site you will see that snails are quite literally everywhere.This particular star-war event was the cause of the archaeologically and epigraphically demonstrated Tikal mid-Classic hiatus, which saw a decline in Tikal's population, a cessation of monument erection, and the destruction of certain monuments in the Great Plaza.

This 120-year-long hiatus at Tikal occurred as Caracol’s population and monumental construction increased, and the site became more prosperous and cohesive.and within this area, structures are generally situated equidistantly and are integrated with the terrace system.The town grew into one of the largest ancient Maya cities, covering some 177 km² with an estimated population of over 100,000 The Caracol was officially founded in AD 331 (8..4) by Te’ K’ab Chaak.Special Deposit C117F-1, a Teotihuacan style cremation of three individuals dates precisely to this period, indicating early influences from northern Mexico Caracol was at first a client state of the more powerful city of Tikal, 76 km to the northwest.Tikal's influence weakened during the mid-sixth century; losing control of Naranjo, located halfway between the two cities (42 km from each site), Then, in AD 556 Tikal enacted a ch’ak (axe) war event, and defeated Caracol; this caused Lord Water to enact the first known star war event in 562 (, and defeated Tikal's Lord Wak Chan K’awiil (Double Bird).Caracol is the name given to a large ancient Maya archaeological site, located in what is now the Cayo District of Belize.