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Bethany reported in the 1850 Census that she had been born in Georgia in 1780if that is accurate, the Callaways would have been among the very early settlers.

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With these significant qualifications, we proceeded under the assumptions that: (1) Joseph Hale Talbot was the first child of Matthew (III) Talbot and Lucy Bailey Talbot, (2) he was born in Virginia, as he reported in the 1850 Census, (3) he moved from Virginia to Tennessee when he was just an infant and then moved to Wilkes County, Georgia about 1785 when he was a lad of no more than ten, and (4) he married Bethany Callaway in Wilkes County, Georgia before 1800.

In 1800, John Adams was in his last year as the second President of the United States and the number of States stood at 15.

Jefferson had been elected in November 1800 and during the next eight years, he would acquire the Louisiana Territory and with that act, the size of the young country would be more than doubled.

Indeed, with the exception of the subject of this piece and a presumed sister, Nancy Talbot who married Robert Middlebrooks, there is virtually no record of the family.

But paradoxically, the records about Joseph Hale Talbot are quite numerous for the time period and quite a lot is known about his sister, Nancy Talbot Middlebrooks.

Joseph married Bethany Callaway, daughter of John Callaway and Bethany Arnold, in 1797 in Wilkes County, Georgia.

Before 1805, Georgia did not require marriages to be recorded and the actual marriage record of Joseph and Bethany is not available.The names of the other children seem to have been confused with the names of the children of Matthew (III)'s brother, William, a gentleman about whom much has been written and whose wife, coincidentally, was also a Bailey, named Mary.Lucy Bailey, died about 1792 and Matthew (III) was remarried to Jane Quarles in 1792 in Campbell County, Virginia.Morgan County was not formed until December 1807 and Talbotton is a city not in Morgan County but rather in Talbot County, formed in 1827.It is possible that Matthew (III) married Lucy in 1777 and perhaps in Georgia but not at the places listed.In fact, Alabama, just to the west, was not a state and would not become one until 1819. Mail was infrequent and required long periods of time for delivery.

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