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I am never a fan of not telling the truth on the road.I believe that, when appropriate, it’s as important to share our own customs and ways of life with other cultures as it is to learn about theirs.

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This goes without saying, but deserves repeating: India is a conservative country, so be respectful of that by covering your shoulders and legs and watching your cleavage.

Instantly a crowd of about 20 men surrounded our rickshaw.

Citlalli and I nervously said hello, hoping to break the tension we felt as two foreign women in such a situation, when a white-haired shopkeeper approached us.

Beth Whitman, founder and CEO of Wanderlust and Lipstick and Wander Tours, has been leading both female-only and co-ed tours to India since 2009 — and not once has a woman on a Wander Tour had any issue with her safety.“Don’t go to regions where crime (particularly drugs) are rampant,” Beth writes. Read the guidebooks and forums to determine if your destination falls into that category.”In my own experience, the most important preparation for India was mental.

Before going for the first time, it felt like I was getting ready to visit a different planet.

One reason: No country will fascinate and frustrate you more.

While travel in India will require heightened attention and common sense, let me assure you it is worth it.The issue of women’s safety in India has been in the news frequently lately.Many women have expressed concerns about traveling there, and many more have opted not to go at all.The only possible exception to this is Goa, whose well-known beaches have become increasingly westernized.But be aware that although it is more acceptable to wear a bikini here, you might still attract unwanted advances.While eating dinner alone in Mumbai one night, an Indian man sitting at another table asked if he could join me.