Slumdog millionaire dating

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Slumdog millionaire dating

Hudson just glows and Mc Conaughey is every man’s man, making this flick really work.Despite all the mind games, trickery, and battle of wills from both endearing characters, they prove love can also happen in just 10 days! Playboy billionaire who won’t commit meets southern belle-turned street hooker. This classic romantic movie, stars Julia Roberts and Richard Gere and explores how love blossoms in the most outrageous setups and in the most unlikely couple.

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Overall, a great movie if you and your boyfriend want to also have intelligent conversations on socioeconomic issues and Hollywood. If your guy is a basketball fan, then he’d probably not whine if you make him watch this. The underlying sports theme is actually pretty decent when it comes to enticing the males, plus the movie is sweet and mushy enough for the ladies, making this flick a win-win.

#6 This cat-and-mouse tale puts a mystery woman played by Angelina Jolie in the middle, as she appears to be leading on not only Johnny Depp’s character, but the authorities on the chase.

When they met each other in second grade, Juli instantly knew it was love, but Bryce wasn’t sure.

Over the years, it’s a chaos of hormones and teen melodrama, but in the end love wins.

Another of the best performances of Julia Roberts, this movie actualizes the belief that there really is no such thing as friendship between men and women because, eventually, one falls for the other.

And one did in this movie—and it was almost too late.

No sappy tearjerkers, no drama, only fun and fast plots that even your boyfriend will not tire of re-watching.

17 Romantic movies to watch with your boyfriend Visit a Redbox, buy it on i Tunes, or check Netflix or Hulu to find our list of movies to watch with your boyfriend. If you believe in destiny and your boyfriend doesn’t, then watch this movie together.

Now, it’s up to the guy to make the girl fall in love with him every day—just like what you want your boyfriend to do with you. A perfect mix of quirky, funny, and unpredictability *well, sort of* from an unlikely pair: hot Jennifer Aniston and the comic Ben Stiller.

This romantic comedy helps ease you into the many discomforts you go through early in the relationship.

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