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16, 1853 (weak markings on reverse side, not all readable) - - 12" Coes Double Screw Nut Wrench patented by Aury Coes. 2 - MADE BY THOMAS CHATWIN LTD BIRMINGHAM - - 12" odd screw adjustable nut wrench.

Unmarked - 6" unusual center screw adjust nut wrench. I am also available to advise and assist auctioneers who have old wrenches to auction. 1900 - - 12.5" quick adjust rack type wrench with a lever that releases the upper jaw. BONNEY VISE & TOOL WKS MAR 3, 1908 PHILA (weak markings, not all readable) - - 15.75". Friday April 4, and Saturday April 5, 2014 AUCTION STARTS AT P. FRIDAY (approximately 1/2 hour after Wrench Club Meet ends) AND AT A. SATURDAY AT THE CITY AUDITORIUM, 6TH & NEBRASKA AVENUE YORK, NEBRASKA This year's auction consists of wrenches and other antiques form several Missouri Valley Wrench Club members. Patent was issued to Edward Wright of Worcester, Mass. Wood handled threaded shaft type combination nut and pipe wrench with pipe cutter attachment. * All farm type wrenches are cast malleable iron unless noted otherwise. * To search for a particular wrench or company (for example IHC, Deere, Coes, adjust etc,) use the find on this page in the edit menu. The bulk of the farm wrenches were mailed in forty-one Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes from West Virginia by Lee Fisher.

His collection of farm wrenches is exceptionally strong in International Harvester tools with several that few show on the IHC Owner's List. USA (some markings unreadable - - 10" Briggs's Pattern combination nut and pipe wood handled monkey wrench with hex adjusting nut. Unmarked - - 12.75" quick adjust two segment rack nut wrench with locking collar. Usually seen marked Klein, Williams brand is considerably rarer. Robert Burkey of Iuka, Kansas added a few hundred more as he continues to disperse his collection. There is a nice selection of four inch Crescent types, bicycle and automobile wrenches. * Measurements are usually rounded off to the nearest 1/4". Choice individual wrenches were obtained from Richard Lawton, Don Ervin, and Herb Page. A few of the rare farm wrench names are: Tom Cat, Brown-Dallas buggy wrench, M B M Mfg. * The markings on the wrenches are in all capital letters. I have tried to list the company or companies associated with each wrench. CRESSEY (weak markings) - - 14" wooden handled screw adjust with coarse threaded shaft and spring loaded lower jaw.

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