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With the confidence of phase 1 behind them, further plans were drawn up to increase the frequency further from 33tph to 36tph (9% improvement) along the whole line and money was made available to do it.The aforementioned forward-thinking stock purchase made the business case for this much simpler.

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Later this year London Underground is due to introduce the final upgrade to the Victoria line, at least for the foreseeable future, when the interval between trains will go down from 105 seconds to 100 seconds.

This rounds down to 34tph but is actually slightly better than that – 34.28tph.

Indeed work last August to improve turnout speed at Walthamstow Central crossover means that the only thing that appears to be preventing running 34tph throughout the line is the current renewal of escalators at Walthamstow Central.

The objective appears to be to achieve world class capacity on these lines by running trains at 36tph – which is a figure genuinely among the best achieved in the world.

This is not to say that Tf L intends to settle for significantly on all other lines.

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The changes on the Victoria line may not have been dramatic but they been continual and, even if change has been gradual and incremental over many years, the line is a vast improvement on what it was just five years ago.

Currently the Victoria line runs trains every 105 seconds in the peak between Brixton and Seven Sisters.

Unlike the other upgrades the two phases of the Victoria line upgrade are, to the public, somewhat artificial as there was no obvious distinction between them.

In fact the initial committed plan was only to go from approximately 27tph to approximately 33tph (21% improvement) in phase 1.

The Victoria line upgrade saw the end of the under-powered, by today’s standards, 1967 tube stock and the very crude Automatic Train Operation (ATO) system on the line.

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