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Overview: The item is HD 1080P Video resolution watch camera.

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This nightmare became a horrifying reality for an Indiana couple who rented out a room in Longboat, Florida using Airbnb.They immediately called the Longboat Police Department.Police arrested the owner of the home, Wayne Natt, 56, and charged him with one count of video voyeurism.JACKSONVILLE — Imagine going on vacation and renting out a room, only to discover that someone was secretly recording your every move with a hidden camera.This nightmare became a horrifying reality for an Indiana couple who rented a room in Longboat, Fla., using Airbnb.The site, which also features im­ages of women frolicking naked and sex trade information from Brazil, China, Dominican Republic, the Philippines and Thailand, was widely reported in Monday’s Khmer-language newspapers.

Khieu Sopheak said images on the site—which include a photograph of a naked Cam­bodian wo­man superimposed on a building within the grounds of the Royal Palace—violate Cam­bodian law.

The site “spoils the fine tradition of Cambodian women…and wo­men around the world,” Khieu Sopheak said.

Some of the pornographic im­ages, which are included in the section promoting sex tours to Cam­bo­dia, were shot in Phnom Penh using hidden cameras, according to the Web site.

“Contrary to popular belief, the Walkabout does not employ girls [as prostitutes],” he added.

US Embassy spokesman Jeff Daigle said that if the Interior Min­istry asks for help with its investigation about the Florida-based Web site, the embassy will assist in whatever way possible.“The US government feels that it’s disappointing when women are degraded in this kind of manner,” he added.

Derek Starnes told a local station that he and his wife noticed a tiny black hole on the room's smoke detector.

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