Spybot not updating

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Spybot not updating - dating wiffe

You MUST go into 'Options Schedules, and start with Scans. Scanning only once a week is pretty lame, at least, and foolish at best.

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I noticed the folder S&D goes to should have a 2 in it now, and the exe name has changed. the reason I ask is because I couldn't get scripts to run properly with quick jobs."Take care of thy backups and thy restores shall take care of thee." Ben Franklin revisited. -- Lady Fitzgerald (sevenforums) Clone or Image often! -- Rock E (Windows Secrets Lounge) AVG free is being used and it automatically does 3 items --- Virus scan once a week on Wed at 12 Noon --- Definition updates --- Program updates His Firewall is Windows Firewall I agree with Calimanco to replace Spybot Free --- I was thinking of Super Antispyware Free --- I have read good comments about it but I need to investigate before recommending it SUPERAntispyware is very good at what it does! I have all my programs quarantee everything, that way, if there is a false positive, I can positively restore and whitelist said item[s]."Take care of thy backups and thy restores shall take care of thee." Ben Franklin revisited. -- Lady Fitzgerald (sevenforums) Clone or Image often! -- Rock E (Windows Secrets Lounge) As a working tech, of 35 years, the biggest fallacy (disambiguation) that I find is that any ONE program can adequately protect a person's PC. On Spybot S&D: I've been a fan as long as the program has been in the wild.Or you could be leaving a new virus to do its damage for a week before it gets found and removed. "Super Anti-Spyware" is a pretty good program, to use in conjunction with other Security Software.It finds and removes PUPs and Tracking Cookies that other programs miss.But the success or failure of the original program ( Ver.) is dependent on the proper setup.

Without manual setup the program is only marginal at best. For my own use and the use of my techie friends, I wrote up a full page of instructions, just on the Installation and setup of the program.Another program that requires manual SETUP, is AVG 2015 FREE.As it comes out of the box, the auto-scanner is shut off.Spybot Search & Destroy, used to be the go-to utility for removing spyware.Other utilities like Malwarebytes and Microsoft Security Essentials have taken it’s place.-AS: Off: I havent been able to find out what its for --- However again since this is the free version, I suppose it doesnt matter Internet: unprotected --- This doesnt surprise In the Uninstall a Program list Spybot S&D 1.6.2 from 1/10/2010 --- Is it ok to uninstall this older version?

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