Sri lankan adult videos

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Sri lankan adult videos

A social awareness marketing campaign included a range of initiatives.A successful television drama was used to raise awareness on air - as part of the plot, a man with leprosy was cured and found love.

The young remain vulnerable, accounting for eight to 10 percent of the 2,000 new cases the country sees on average every year.This figure is of concern to experts like Dr N Janankan, the National Professional Officer for Communicable Diseases at WHO, as it indicates active transmission.Last year, 11.2 percent of new cases were in children, an increase since 2012, when the figure dipped to a low of 7.64 percent.Hendala, Sri Lanka - Edward de Alwis was born in 1928, the youngest of nine siblings. He was taken from his family and quarantined at the Hendala Leprosy Hospital."There were five checkpoints, and 12 policemen who stood guard all the time. De Alwis was one of 20 children among 900 adult patients.He was only 14 years old when a public health inspector on a school visit noticed the patches on his face. He tells Al Jazeera that he was initially terrified by the deformities around him - leprosy had eaten away noses, fingers and toes; nerve damage to the face and eyelids meant some patients could never close their eyes, even when they were asleep. But he would eventually resign himself to his new life. It had a school with teachers who, like their students, had leprosy.But it is in cities in the western province, among Sri Lanka's urban populations, where the highest number of leprosy patients are found.

K Mohammed still remembers the doctor asking him whether he was married.

Fast forward to 2014, when 94 percent of leprosy patients worldwide were found in just 13 countries - Sri Lanka among them.

Widespread access to MDT has ensured leprosy is no longer a public health problem here - this was achieved in 1995, when the prevalence dropped to less than one case of leprosy per 10,000 people.

However, when drug resistance to dapsone appeared, the solution proved to be the multi-drug therapy (MDT) that was debuted in Sri Lanka in 1983 and which is still in use today.

The MDT comprises dapsone, rifampicin, and clofazimine - a potent combination which promises to eradicate leprosy in six months to a year.

Some of these patients were first admitted when the only treatment option available to them was the oil from the chaulmoogra nut.

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