Stanley 55 plane dating

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Stanley 55 plane dating

Megatron called upon them when a squad of Autobots attempted to ambush the Decepticons.

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He never learns from his mistakes, but then again, Megatron doesn't either, seeing as how he's never turned Starscream into slag.

Starscream was stationed on Carob Island, where the Decepticons had set up a mining and construction operation.

Using a rare ore from the island, the Decepticons were building duplicate Autobots loyal only to Megatron.

His life-force cannot be destroyed and can persist even without a body to contain it. After going on a legendary rampage across Earth and slaying dozens of Transformers, Starscream himself was destroyed by the Underbase's unstoppable energies, but his corpse was recovered and brought back to life by Megatron as a mindless Pretender.

However, there is no indication that Starscream (or anybody else) was aware of this fact prior to his destruction. Regaining his faculties thanks to Ratchet's sabotage, Starscream joined Scorponok's Decepticon cell on Earth, but his new powers led him to be feared and hated by his fellow Decepticons, even more than usual, and he proceeded to break away and help Shockwave start a Decepticon Civil War.

Starscream is the treacherous Decepticon Air Commander and the deadliest of the Seekers.

The self-proclaimed pride of the Cybertron War Academy, he's famous not only for his incredible skill, but also for his limitless (and troublesome) ambition.

Despite his constant failures, Starscream believes it is only a matter of time before he prevails—his destiny is inevitable. Why, of all the Decepticons, did I decide to revitalize the one whose record of deceit and betrayal is legend? Formally the political figurehead of the city-state of Vos, Starscream sat ill in his position in the Decepticon ranks, but never posed a real threat to Megatron in their early days, delivering only the occasional snipe or criticism that the Decepticon leader would be quick to put down with a show of force.

Starscream's never-give-up attitude extends even to the afterlife: unlike most Transformers, he has a mutant, indestructible spark. Deactivated following a battle with Omega Supreme, Starscream spent several years in stasis, but once reactivated, he quickly ingratiated himself with the new Decepticon leader Ratbat and through information gained from him was able to obtain the cosmic power of the Underbase.

Starscream believes that he is more suited for command than Decepticon leader Megatron.

Thankfully for Megatron, Starscream's mutinous, power-grabbing plots are almost always transparent, and he can never muster up enough patience to complete a grandiose power play.

Surprisingly, Starscream's lifeforce persisted as a ghost, which continued to bedevil the Transformers, even across the gulf of time.

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