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Start with a luxurious foot bath, which you can do with your partner or alone.If you need to nick a few stray hairs first, you might want to do that in private.

It may seem a little weird to you, but it’s perfectly safe and legal, and you might find that sex involving a foot fetish is pretty hot!A massage is relaxing – and it’s always nice to be pampered – but it can also be sexually arousing when the part of your body being massaged has sexual connotations in your mind. Alternatively, you might find giving your partner a sensual foot and ankle massage also gets your juices flowing.The feet have a lot of pressure points, which make them an ideal location for giving or receiving a massage.Consider adding it when you’re lightly bound – read about light bondage – and unable to stop your partner from tickling your feet!If your foot fetish is more intense, you might be interested in trying a footjob, which entails stimulation of the genitals with feet.After a soak, which softened your skin, you can slough off any dead or dry skin.

Pat your feet dry – or have your partner do it for you!Another way to live out a foot fetish is through activities such as pedicure.Getting a professional pedicure leaves you with cute toe nail polish and touchable feet, which might be a great precursor to other fetishistic activities!– and slowly rub a moisturizing lotion into the skin.Clean any old polish from your toes and remove dead cuticles to prepare for a new shade. Remember that nail polish can take a long time to dry, even if it seems dried.Perhaps give some foot lovin’ a try in exchange for him trying something you’ve been wanting to do in the bedroom.

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