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Then the most AMAZING and PATIENT and KNOWLEDGABLE salesperson I have ever met asked if she could help me with anything. Julie proceeded to walk me through every stroller in the store with kindness and excitement and educated opinions and honest feedback based on what I was looking for in a stroller.She even got in some of them so that I could feel how they handled when fully weighted down! (Of course I promise they will only be used for our children in practical daily use and not any of the rather large adults in our family!

Took all her time to show us the store and answer with clarity all our questions.It will instantly provide you with a fully SEO optimized web presence solution and you will be able to update business information such as hours and categories, respond to reviews, share updates with followers, and so much more. We met a lady name Diana Toma and she was really nice. I went to the store today with my wife but we have been royally served.Took all her time to show us the store and answer with clarity all our questions. The employees are off the chain they will take you for a tour and treat you very well.Gift cards Complimentary gift wrap beans POINTS rewards on every purchase Birthday party packages Formal and informal classes on baby gear shopping, babywearing and more. they have a great play area and lots of weekly and monthly events at all the locations. We are expecting our first and turned to the staff for some help, thoughts and such.They answered all of our (silly) questions and were VERY helpful - we will be going back for further needs of gear, toys, etc.They offer stroller testdrives, a stroller matchmaking service and complimentary assembly. they have their calendar on their website for each store so you can always see what's going on and ALL THE EVENTS ARE FREE! I think this is a great store, I do agee that the store is a little bit messy but if you are expecting your first it is still work going there as the staff is very helpful and knowledegable.

For anyone looking to start a gift registry, this is the place to go. They don't have the Bugabook stroller because it is a WASTE OF MONEY!

That, combined with the fact that toys are always all over the ground, it is impossible to move around with your baby, They really need to work on the display and organization.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable but frazzled, often watching after their own children. Yes, this store has a great selection of really unique stuff, but it is always seeming to be chaotic and messy in there. They are definitely knowledgeable and they seem happy to be there.

I was just starting my first ever search for the perfect stroller.

I had done a bunch of research online and had an idea of some models/brands that I might like to see and Magic Beans has floor models of most of them! She gives the BEST hugs and, as a pretty legendary hugger myself, I know from hugs!

Other Ideas: Fancy Pants Resale Shop; Kohls; Crunchy Granola Baby CLOSED; Twinkle Star Boutique; Gymboree Clothing & Gear Magic Beans was created by a team of parents, and the owners have considerable expertise in the baby gear arena.