Superhero speed dating

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This movie represents everything wrong with Hollywood.

Step 3: Explain that the students must create an ORIGINAL superhero character.They cannot use any of the characters on the board.Step 4: Provide the students with a copy of the ‘Thunderbolt Woman’ profile card (see Appendix B).Step 2: Reconfigure the desks in the classroom into a long line.The male superheroes will sit on one side and the female characters on the other. (e.g., 30 students—15 male & 15 female cards) Procedure Step 1: Divide the class into small groups.During the activity, the students will have 10 dates with 10 different superheroes. At the end of the event, the learners will select a suitable match for their character and make a brief report to their classmates.

Preparation Step 1: Before the class, print out the lesson handouts (Appendix A – Appendix D).

Many of the celebrities they got were either bribed or guilt tripped into being in their skits.

This isn't even a real movie; its like a bunch of unfunny You Tube videos mashed together.

I didn't laugh, chuckle, or even involuntarily smile during this whole movie.

The whole product just feels cynically slapped together with no respect for its audience and for the sole purpose of making money.

The lesson plan that follows requires students to imagine that they are a caped crusader attending a party with other superheroes.

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