Taiwam amture

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Taiwam amture

RAW Anchored by a sinuous cloud-shaped bar hand-carved from two colossal hunks of pine, the dining room at RAW is cavernous and murky, strikingly backlit by a semi-open kitchen.

Each mouthful is a shock of brine and milk and grassiness, amplified by crunch and cold.

The mushroom crumbs bear a whiff of the forest floor and notes of coffee and bitter chocolate that deepen when mixed with the accompanying cultured butter.

The Taiwan salad is a stunner: Thirty ingredients that change by the day (I identified nasturtium leaves, flower petals, tiny broccoli florets, pickled cherry tomatoes and roasted carrots), dressed not with vinegar or citrus but umami, in the form of salted black beans.

This was the only medal for this Asian Island with more than 23 million population.

TAIPEI: Taipei has always been a city where one doesn’t have to work hard to eat awfully well: It has a street food scene as vibrant as that of Bangkok; restaurants that specialise in both Taiwanese and regional cuisines from around China; thousands of cheap and cheerful joints at which to drink cold beer with small plates and quick stir-fries; and a plethora of sushi bars, a remnant of decades spent under Japanese rule.

It’s easier than ever to enjoy those qualities, largely thanks to a crop of chefs drawing inspiration from homegrown ingredients: Cured mullet roe, lily stems, purple taro, pork from local black pig.

Taiwan offers possibilities for farm-to-table dining that don’t exist in Singapore and Hong Kong.When it comes to sourcing ingredients Ho said he’s “not as hard-core as some chefs.I’m not at the farm every day.” But he estimates that about 90 per cent of what he uses in the kitchen is local; on the day we met he was excitedly planning a visit to a fish farmer in nearby Yilan county to investigate a tip about local caviar. Muscle size is not the most important in Women´s Physique and, as a proof, athletic Li Yi Ming (157 cm and 52,700 kg) took the overall crown in Women´s Physique discipline, at 2016 Olympia Amateur Asia, defeating muscled Gisela Nunes Chan from Hong Kong (167 cm and 69,900 kg) in the Super Final of the contest, for only 1 point difference (7 to 8 points, in the scores).Li Yi Ming qualified for the Super Final getting the Gold Medal at the Short Class (-163 cm) where she defeated athletes from Korea, China, Thailand, Hong Kong and Philippines.After Lin experienced some frustration with the scarcity of local ingredients in Hong Kong, where he was born and had worked (he grew up in Canada), Taiwan appealed as fertile ground on which to pursue his goal of cooking with the seasons, alongside two other expat chefs: Kai Ward (Australian) and Long Xiong (American).

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