Talf chat caliente

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Talf chat caliente

Roy 6 to 5, Iron Jacket 4, Abalanzar 5 (backed from 10), others 15 to 50. In the first, a six furlong selling races for three-year-olds Isabelle led, with Duchess second. He was a length in front turning for home and won after a little hard riding in the homestretch by three lengths, Irma, second at the head of the homestretch, held on to that position by hard driving beating O'Fleeta half a length for the place. Gold Bug was at four to 1, Irma 8, O'Fleeta 15, Banjo Zh, others 10 to 40 to 1. To a rather straggling start Little Cripple showed first, but was taken back third, Flashlight assuming a three-length lead past the quarter and half, Principle being second, a small margin be- fore Elmer F. Flashlight was four lengths to the good when the homestretch was reached, then there wa B a close bunch of four. The latter broke down badly three furlongs from home and stopped as if shot. Aa it turned out old Yemen took the lead half- way down the homestretch and won off by three lengths, Montgomery in the place, as far from Quicksilver, old Tim Murphy fourth. Yemen was at 2 to 1, Mont- gomery 4, Quicksilver 4£, Good Times 8 to 5, others 40 to 300 to 1. A very fair crowd saw some good racing at the new Emery- ville course this afternoon, and the track record for a mile was cracked to the extent of half a second by E. The tract was at its best and good time was made throughout. At the three-q'nrter pole Isabelle, Riot and Cadenza were heads apart as nam -■! Cadenza made a yery close turn against the inner rail, saving a couple of lengths, and taking command she led lo the finish, winning handily by three lengths, Isabelle second, driving a scant length before Henry Grattan, who was fifth at the head of the homestretch. The second was at five and a half furlongs, selling. , but was speedily passed by Gold Bug; who led Banjo a neck at the half. went right out in the lead and was never headed, Lady Diamond being second, a neck before Lucania. -jo— Annual meeting of the Board of Governors of the Cali- fornia Inanimate Target Association at the Olympic Gun Club, 1309 Van Xess Ave. 21— Lincoln Gun Club, Alameda Point, regnlar club shoot and open to all cash prize shoot.

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I ing election ellon and nd an any suchauch amendment III may behe omitted u at t the next nut regular ular mumo municipal election and nd nd having been approved by b Jthe th majority of the Ih lectorselector voting th thereon there thereon on shall h l become hero become part of ot th the charter barter at al the he time Cm flied fined In to rush u h amendment and nd shall hall behe certified and ad filed aa as provided l in lo use can of charges h. n Fain Each It city forming lu its charter under this section Uon shall h. h hereby granted the authority to III urd all 11 power en relating to municipal affair and to adopt and ad enforce n en- n- n ro force within I.I law applicable bl alike Uk ini to all el Li cities it of f the The Th power ar tel to hebe conferred upon n the he cities b by this IT t section shat h I Include the following I I.I al To In levy e y m mie a and nd collect taxes tax and nd borrow borro mon money Ih the limitslimite nl P prescribed hy h general III law an and n to a.I fn or r lease public utilities W local l In slat extent and nd V.V Of use to 10 acquire b by eoncon n- n damnation or within II ln or with Ith out the Ih corporate limits m rt for p nee a ry for a ny y ah pur to 0 r. I or four the ot of other KM B n l and nel to In rant local Wai P public b C utility hl and nd athin thereof thereof it Ita f ro powers Vm regulate lb Ih exercise J. I To l IIke and nd to Inquire b condemnation or oth wise property rorert within I.ors approved h by a maturitymajority tt cf the Ih 1 electors elector voting thereon Dma t-Dma ar ar- or ar- oror organic a anic I.

I law lav nf ofsuch auch cityelty a al 1 slit urh h time n may behe fl fired l therein and nd h.

m made In 10 duplicate and deposited one In III the office of of- fie fice ofththe Iha secretary of Sl State Elite tt and the th the- otherother oth In III th the officeof cf the eit city recorder rei rel and nd thereafter all 11 courts court shallahall take jadic al l Io notice I o of o such urb h charter Am Amendments iam ntto 10 aa any such uh charter m may t behe framed and d submitted by a charter com com- mi mission ion In t ththe lh same lame manner aa as provide 1 forlor making of charters charter or m.

m rosymay be 1 pr pro pro- posedposed b by tbthe 1 autho authority of or t the th i city r I v upon On a two thirds vote ote thereof or b by petition of ot qualified electorto Is a nom nom- b.

the II 4 zed lied agent of said chat of the powers i said gage granted and at the tte the holder of said prom pro the said m t Rowley do hereby give day of 0 Oct will win on the the hours of 10 o'clo Ck between tl t I and 2 o'clock P. S M DS n r C before described C Public a at cede 1931 Notary ter of on the day Claimant names J as g B- Samuel samut t r Thorley aid ard A. W Claude Edwards a girl August Aug lust 15 Mr and Mrs O O. P Williams a boy August 26 24 Mr and Mrs Royal Chamberlain a boy August 26 Mr and Mrs jars Ralph W. Corry Vice Mel Melvin Thorley Secretary and Treasurer Glenn Froyd Executive e Committee Howard Comm Ittee Howard Gunderson Gun- Gun derson Douglas Doulas Clark Rex Holland Dr John Beal Theo Corry Waldo Adams and Keith Macfarlane The group Is planning considerable activity between now and election time and will lay their thel plans immediately in order to take advantage antage of all the time left Director Henry of the Branch Dranch Agricultural College gave a a- try wry Very Interesting talk before the Lions Club Monday giving a comparison of the civilization of ot Mexico and the United States and also a comparison of the school systems of the two coun COun- tries Mr spent time to in is one of the colleges some of Mexico s 's t S s summer C Amendment nt I TO MUNICIPAL L L- A CORPORA A Joint t ea 1 lii as a. I Mt I II t k l a f XI X r f tk Ii tit tlell r Ik tit INS Stale r v. t t a f orp i i- B I B II It r om y ta U f Ibs 1 V V. t two third vote ote of It its Ita member and nd nd upon al IOn petition ofef qualified electors elector to the th number of fifteen per her cent of all U rotes rote eat cast at t the th neat ut preceding election lotfor th the office om of th thlb mao mayor hall lull forthwith provide pro pro- videvide Id by ordinance for th the th submission to th the 1 lector of ththe quotientquestion Shall a commie ion lion I be l' l Iwo Chosen to 0 frame a charter T r The Th ordinate ordinance thai shall that tbt ththe th Question tu be br submitted to 0 th the the electors elector ton at t th th next nest regular municipal election The ballot to eoncon tah iii suchluch question shall hall alsoalao contain ththe th name of 10 for tor member of or u.

A Cedes Cedr Cand r- r r- and of Stewart Thorley Jt Davis of g g- ELI and Wallace Wallac ELI F F. t 29 Sept 15 IS 22 BIRTHS RECORDED The following ng births were recorded with the registrar of vital statistics I during September Mr and Mrs V V. W Bradley a boy August 19 Mr and Mrs Claude Mc Donnell Mc Connell Mc Me Connell Donnell a girl July 30 Mr and Alvin Neilson a boy September 1030 and Mr-and and Mrs George A. u the proposed but u without party dee tl eb ahill ablin 1 behe nom In tbthe ai as hy hy- lowlowlaw for ora majority of ot tbthe the elector of on the of h et o mem shall ball vote ott In III th u. lb fifteen undid candidates a majority of ar thetho votes ell cast at t such uch shall the charter sad and e I ball ahall p pros proceed to 0 frame frem a eh charter An Any charter hart aoso framed shallahallbehe submit A th titled e leton ofthe tit u i-u MI W mim at t an n election tobe held be M at t a tune t Im to 0 be determined by the charter ehart million shall hall b hebe not leas lea than th Ie da days day cult sequent to It its Ita completion and among ththetha elector electors and d not l Iot nor more than one on year tr frominch aeh dat date Alternative provisions provi- provi Ion m.

a point at t which taxation ends and liontion begins All Al I o over the country farms homes real estate even factories factories fac factories have ha been taken over OVe T by the states in lieu of taxes We are at last lut paying the price of government waste and extravagance Only a decisive tax revolt that demands economy and efficiency and government ft re rt can save us from the inevitable in inevitable in- in evitable consequences of Ute the present trend HAS li AS CAPITALISM FAILED According to the Marx theory the United States as the most advanced capitalist country should have been first to succumb to socialism On the contrary It has held out longest lend and best and is first to begin recovery simply through placing the government credit at the service of cities and states to provide work for the unemployed unemployed unemployed not to pay them doles Oregonian Compare this condition with Germany Ger Oer- many Australia New Zealand and ane S other countries where paternalism prevails prevail THE RECIPERECITE When others were re spilling calamity dope And shaking their heads with the gloomiest air I Dill Bill Jefferson simply imply remarked There Is hope hopes hopel hopel- And I And worked like a beaver and hustled bustled hustled hustbust led for fair fm While others were hesitant doubtful afraid He advertised widely wherever he could of For this was wu Bill Jeffersons Jefferson's slogan trade For them that goes after it bus business busi- busi ness Is good goodsgoods' I I- For 1 For Tor two or three seasons seasons Bill Dill Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jef Jefferson said Most any old od dub could get coin in- a in to to- a in- aa rush It didn't require no particular head To gather In when people was flush But now times Is altered and now comes the test The flush days is finished that's well understood But here Is the truth very ery briefly expressed For them that goes g S after it bus business business busi- busi ness is goodgoods business by You AYOU wont won't boost your about which hleb For this thing or that thing maybe mabe will break Get busy right now DOW an you'll find beyond beyond beyond be beyond doubt Theres There's business to get and theres there's money to make The hustler dont don't wallwail at his troubles an quit Or an whine like the Babes Inthe Wood He l Ie Jumps in the game with his nerve an his grit grit grit- Tor For them that goes afterit business bust bud ness is good Menzies Heyborne son of Mr Ir and Mrs Samuel Heyborne received recel a brokenleft wrist last week when a a- bone a- hone horse hone honee he e e was riding fell with Ith him He Heed received ed no other injuries and Is re recovering re- c rev re- c covering ng satisfactorily SUBSCRIBE FOR THE RECORD B. W Carlson Carlson Carl Carlson of the Ft Duchesne alfalfa seed experiment formfonn and C. J Experiment Station Entomologist visited vis fled Iron county for tor the purpose of studying the conditions of alfalfa fields After having visited most of the Important Important important Im im- alfalfa seed sections of the State these gentlemen report that the yield this year in most places winwill be- very be be- very be- veryvery much below normal Unfavorable weather conditions such as frost drought wind Ind and Insect injury were thought to be some of ing causes for the unsatisfactory tory seed eed yields this year Old stands which have been heavily and have become weedy produce the most unsatisfactory unsatisfactory unsatisfactory un unsatisfactory yields according to Mr Carlson New Club Formed A At t Branch College Mens Men's Council was organized this morning at the B. h Roadster N 1931 Ford Jord c Oupe Coupe 1928 Chevrolet Coupe 1929 Chevrolet Panel Truck body N Delivery 1932 Ford B Coupe A fine car for the farm 1932 Ford V 8 Coupe N 1928 Chevrolet Truck 1928 Chev Coach M 1926 Dodge Sedan 1930 Ford Panel Delivery 19291928 Ford Coach 1930 FORD Ford Coupe N Truck Let US Care for YOUR Car PETTY PETr Y MOTOR l CO Arc G e. M sod art t I SP AL UYE d L u TAN I STATE I if Rams For Sale Sa Je or op We have some some one 8 Rams anti d tto on sale at DIll f i but but- I vie haf and some bl OOd Ln lets WW win take epe e.-e lain Price of II a t Rams 1000 f far tops to P Adv o 8 22 a h t Mrs Virginia C C. L Prince had the misfortune mis misfortune of being badly burned Tuesday Tuesday Tues Tuesday afternoon when hen a can on the stove exploded and poured its contents upon her Mrs La Lavema Lavern ema Englestead has moved to St.

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    However, when I speak about him to others, I am fair about why our marriage ended.