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Once you find someone of interest you can introduce yourself and speak individually.In a chat you have a conversation either in text or, as of recently, you can leave up to a 30 second voice chat.

For safety reasons, most apps do not give the exact location of a person, especially the teen communities.Barker estimates that Skout–which is free–attracts between a million and 1.5 million new users every month and a significant portion are teens all over the world who hold deep conversations and build meaningful relationships.In June of 2012, Skout suspended its teen site after three allegations that contacts that had begun with interactions on the site ended in rapes.“Social networking sites can offer community engagement opportunities for kids with chronic illness or disability that might otherwise not have the same opportunities to engage easily or safely with their peers,” said Barker.Fry says she does more of her communication online and through text.In the “Meet People” screen you are presented a group of pictures of people and you can read about each person on their profile.

You can also search people with the same interests.But online, no such third wheel is needed and the social connections made possible on the sites offer a gateway for teens with disabilities to go on in-person dates.“It really exposes you to all these people in a way that your disability is not a factor,” Sheypuk said.Credit: Buzz Farmers on Flickr, under Creative Commons (CC BY 2.0) (WOMENSENEWS)–The boom in social networking sites such Crazy Blind Date by Ok Cupid, Skout, Tinder and Facebook’s new Graph Search application may be easing the way for disabled teens to meet friends, flirt and find dates.Danielle Sheypuk, a clinical psychologist who is also Ms.Fry said she uses Starbright World, a safe monitored chatroom for sick/disabled teens along with Facebook and Skype.

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