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Damien Starkey and Paul Phillips, both ex-Puddle of Mudd members, scored the movie and provided the majority of the music.

By August, he will have brought his Nitro Circus Live show to the U.CBS2’s Valerie Castro estimated that about 200 people were gathered across the street from the building on the sidewalk.Unlike Wednesday night, Fifth Avenue remained open.He was the first person to land a "Special Flip" on a BMX bike.He was a wide receiver on the University of Maryland football team from 2003–06 and is currently an over-the-wall crewman for Pastrana in NASCAR.Unlike at a contest, the glory was in the attempt, and the crowd fed off that.

They were emotionally involved in every trick because every trick had a story, and the people in the crowd knew these athletes were putting themselves on the line simply for their entertainment. For them."This isn't Cirque du Soleil," Pastrana said at the start of the show. We are all going to attempt things we've never done before, and there is nothing scarier than standing at the top of a ramp and not knowing how it's going to turn out. Then climb back up to the top of a five-story staircase and do something no one has done before.It has spawned a tour, a second television series based on the tour, and a 3D feature film.Originally run as a 2006 miniseries on Fuel TV, it began running as an episodic reality television show on MTV that featured people performing various dangerous stunts.Gallery » If You Ride It, You Jump It At the start of the show, the first rule of Nitro Circus is explained to the crowd. "The first half of the show was so epic that at halftime people were like, 'How could it get better?If an athlete is seen riding something, be it a Barbie Corvette, a Razor scooter or a 250-pound dirtbike while toting two kids on the front, he or she must carry it to the top of a 50-foot wooden staircase and ride it down the Giganta Ramp or use it to hit a metal moto kicker. ' And then we upped it."In the second half, and in the true spirit of the show, every athlete attempted a trick he had never landed before. Skier and BASE jumper Erik Roner threw a double backflip on wheeled skis, something he'd previously only attempted into foam.S., filmed for a 3-D movie full of first-time stunts, competed in Moto X Best Trick and Rally Cross at X Games 17 and made his NASCAR debut in the Nationwide Series.