Updating a registry key command

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Updating a registry key command

Every Io T hub has an identity registry that stores information about the devices permitted to connect to the Io T hub.Before a device can connect to an Io T hub, there must be an entry for that device in the Io T hub's identity registry.

If your Io T solution needs to know if a device is connected, you should implement the .

is the process of adding the initial device data to the stores in your solution.

To enable a new device to connect to your hub, you must add a device ID and keys to the Io T Hub identity registry.

As part of the provisioning process, you might need to initialize device-specific data in other solution stores.

The Io T Hub identity registry contains a field called connection State.

A device must also authenticate with the Io T hub based on credentials stored in the identity registry.

The device ID stored in the identity registry is case-sensitive.Use the identity registry when you need to: An Io T solution typically has a separate solution-specific store that contains application-specific metadata.For example, the solution-specific store in a smart building solution would record the room in which a temperature sensor is deployed.You can import device identities in bulk to an Io T hub's identity registry by using asynchronous operations on the Io T Hub resource provider endpoint.Imports are long-running jobs that use data in a customer-supplied blob container to write device identity data into the identity registry.You can export device identities in bulk from an Io T hub's identity registry by using asynchronous operations on the Io T Hub resource provider endpoint.

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