Updating mei bill validators

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Updating mei bill validators - pocado united kingdom dating

Our ability to service and repair your MEI currency equipment is among the best in the industry.

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The result – a high acceptance rate on the first pass.

We will also verify whether a piece of MEI equipment is under manufacturer's warranty even if you aren't aware of it.

This gives you the advantage of knowing that when you do business with Dieb, your service and repair needs will be met each and every time.

As a MEI Premier Service Center, Dieb can offer the very best MEI bill validator repair, MEI coin changer repair and MEI warranty service in the industry.

That means a more satisfied customer and greater profits for your vending business.

Hey, it came with 2 quarter mechs, why not a bill acceptor. I know there is a label with 3 brands listed, but I am see some other brand upstackers for cheap, but I don't know if they are compatible.

The Hamilton XE Validator, with its innovative technology, is one of the most popular and successful validator yet.

The GLX offers advanced self-diagnostics, six self-replenishing tubes, easier coin loading, and field programmable tokens.

Coinco-Office is a free web-based software package that enables operators to maximize their profits and manage their machines more efficiently.

Through 5 different sensors and 10 recognition parameters, it ensures a high level of recognition and discrimination of valid and counterfeit coins with an unprecedented speed of 6 coins per second (even of different values).

This innovative type of construction ensures strength and durability, while electronic and mechanical anti-fraud systems guarantee excellent security in all its various installation modes.

Our highly trained technicians are among the very best in the industry.