Updating sony vaio bios vgn sz230p

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Updating sony vaio bios vgn sz230p

When the palm rest assembly is removed you get an access to the hard drive, DVD drive, wireless card and CMOS battery. Remove three screws securing the hard drive assembly. If you are replacing or upgrading the hard drive you’ll have to transfer the mounting bracket and cable from the old drive to a new one. This adapter has to stay attached to the motherboard. In one of the previous guides I explain how to remove the LCD screen and inverter board from a Sony Vaio VGN-SZ series laptop.

Disconnect the hard drive cable connector from the motherboard.

I connected the RGB to RGB cable from the laptop to TV, adjusted my laptop's display settings, and the TV would display my computer's output.

With the LN40A500, I connect the same cable to the D-SUB input from my laptop's output, adjust my display settings, and the TV doesn't detect the computer.

My laptop detects the TV because it lists my option to have a dual display as 'Monitor Samsung". Or the LN40A500 can only work with computers that have a DVI output? Next, I turned on the laptop and the TV detected the notebook! I refreshed the TV but again it says "No devices detected..." You can't believe how frustrating this is! If the TV drops the signal, there is no way to get it back unless I restart the laptop. this is the only thing that makes me miss my Vizio, because with that TV all I had to do was plug and play. Can you change the resolutions on the secondary monitor to a higher setting than what your laptop's LCD is normally set at?

I hope not because my laptop doesn't have a DVI output and you can't change a laptop's video card. About a week after I connected my Samsung to my Viao, Windows update (Vista) uploaded and installed a new driver for my Samsung Syncmaster. Then once I get past the login screen, the TV loses the signal again. Sometimes the settings for secondary monitors are equal or lower than what the television will be able to process. I figure that if the TV picks up the signal after I restart the computer, maybe if I refresh the TV it'll pick up the device. I'm not sure where to go from here, or if I should just give up. Samsung TV Model: LN52A750Sony Notebook Model: VGN-CR123EI'm having the same issue.

The samsung tv just won't even give me the option of switching to the PC input when the vaio is plugged in, but the TV picks up the HP laptop instantly. I CAN connect my Dell laptop - Windows XP - - to this as external monitor.

Works fine I CAN connect a real old Compaq lappy running Windows ME - to this as external monitor. They promptly responded with a couple of links of what I needed to install on my laptop to make it work.

I tried refreshing the TV, but it says that there are no devices detected.

I've tried a number of things and I really want to use my Samsung with my laptop but it just doesn't want to detect the computer. Ted I downloaded a new driver for my NVidia Geforce Go 7400 video card. I reconnect the RGB to RGB cable, then I turned the TV back on. So the TV displays my laptop's Windows XP login screen, as soon as I swiped my finger (Vaio's use fingerprints as password/security to login) Windows began to load and the TV lost the signal.

Now I have to figure that out, but at least I found something. Looks like Sony doesn't like to make it an easy plug and play when it's not in the same family of products. So I contacted Sony's Support and finally got great tech support.

I briefly informed him of what I've been through, done, and came upon.

Instead of the BIOS, it'd be this "VAIO Event Services" update... So for now if I want to use the TV with my laptop I have to disable VAIO Event Services and give up the ability to use Fn. Just purchased the samsung ln32a330.plugged in my wife's HP laptop, and it was simple to setup the samsung tv as a second display. I tried another monitor with my vaio, and everything worked just it is definitely not a problem with the TV, and also not a problem with the Vaio.