Updating white ginger jar lamps

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Updating white ginger jar lamps

I'm so sorry I don't have a before picture of it but you can see in the next photo that it was classic 90's peach.I did my best to tape it before I painted it but as you can see I did a horrible job of it.

Different posies want different shapes and sizes, so stock up and bring back flower power!Fenton Glass first began producing the hobnail design in the 1950s, beginning with clear glass and gradually integrating milk glass into the collection.The sweetness of creamy milk glass lends it perfectly to an equally delicious flower, and the ranunculus—with its tight bud head, concentric petals and pastel hue—is ideal.Snap up the complement to your favorite flower, or refer back to the guide when a life suddenly weighs you down with more peonies than you can handle (hey, it can happen! EASTERN INTRIGUE Blue-and-White Chinoiserie Vase Pink Peonies You know how black and gold are absolutely meant for each other—like finish-each-other’s-sentences made for each other?Yep, that’s blue-and-white Chinoiserie and pink peonies.Rather, the question will become: what’s the best vintage vase to buddy up with your blooms?

To help, we’ve created the ultimate flower and vintage vase pairing guide.

I am no DIY expert by any means but this was easy and the results were good enough for me.

The trick to spraying the ceramic base is to keep the spray can a good 12" away and do multiple light coats so that there is no dripping.

A simple, no-think pairing, this one can be thrown together with all the ease of pasta and water.

Feel free to use any bud vase, here, but considering the spherical-shape of the Billy Balls, we love a clean, mod bud vase with egg-like leanings.

One more thing: make sure you have a fab collection of vintage vases, used vases, and gently loved vases.