Validating training

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Monitoring If the training program is validated, the company must provide a monitor or proctor to be present during the training to insure that the training complies with the guidelines of the Validated Training Program Agreement.

Kansas City, MO 64106 Submission Must Include: The purpose for having a validated training program is to establish minimum standards that can be used as a baseline for the development of training programs.The Validated Training Program was established to validate the training programs offered in our industry.The intent of the program is to develop training resources for installers that will ultimately benefit specifiers, contractors, manufacturers, and end-users of sealant, waterproofing and restoration specialties.FDA’s 21 CFR 820 and ISO 13485 require process validation, but they don’t offer much guidance.During this class, participants gain the knowledge and skills needed to comply with the process validation requirements of FDA's Quality System Regulation and ISO 13485, as well as information on how to implement an effective validation program.These minimum standards are listed on the Validated Training Program Registration Form and the Training Program Agreement.

Courses that exceed minimum standards are not only acceptable, but encouraged.

Participants should have a basic knowledge of statistics or statistical tools.

This course is tailored to medical device companies but will also provide value to students from pharmaceutical companies. Bring any of our classes to your location - Oriel STAT A MATRIX on-site training is the perfect solution for training groups of five or more employees or launching a companywide training effort.

Many tradesmen claim to be trained and many companies claim to have trained installers, but there are few standards in our industry that define what training programs shall include.

An individual training program is validated because it is the most objective way to validate the integrity of the training function.

Appeals Any appeal shall be submitted in writing to the validation committee chair person who will then review matters with the Institute’s Executive committee for an unbiased decision.

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