Vb net tableadapter update not updating database

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Vb net tableadapter update not updating database - facts about teenage dating violence

Here is the resume of the problem : The first call to Table Adapter.Update(Data Table) does not refresh the Primary Key of just added rows : if I read the Data Table after the Update, Primary Keys values are false. Fill(Data Table) before Updates, it's work, but I do not want to retreive hundred of rows before add one or two rows. Connector/Net 5.2.2 Visual Studio 2005 Windows Vista Hi Tonci, I'm writing a test case.

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What this does is tell the data adapter update engine to take the first returned row and merge it's values back into the changed row. The Updated Row Source property exists on the command object.To get auto incremented value updated in the datatable after used tableadapter. But when I check it, then close all dialogs (OK, Terminate) and reopen the dialog, the checkbox is not checked anymore. The option to configure the tableadapters to refresh after inserting doesn't seem to do anything.So, I think the bug is not in the Table Adapter runtime code, but in the Table Adapter design time. I've struggled many times with this bug, and I can confirm that it is present in 6.0.3 as well. I'm using VS2008, Windows XP, My SQL Connector/NET 6.0.3.Basically, Db Command Builder will call Initialize Command with a null parameter when the commands are being generated.If that parameter is null, then I assume we are generating new commands.At that point I create the final select and stash it into an internal field on the command object.

When Db Command Builder assigns the commandtext, I check if it starts with 'INSERT INTO' and, if it does, attach the final select. I hope everyone understands that quite a bit in Visual Studio is hard coded to Sql Server and we do our best to make it work with My SQL. After review, it may be pushed to the relevant source trees for release in the next version.If people like what we do with 6.1 then we will consider backporting this to 5.2 and 6.0.We are not making this change in 5.2 and 6.0 now as we don't like making feature changes in GA releases.You can access the patch from: 710 Reggie Burnett 2009-08-25 removing fix for bug #37865. I've decided to go a different way in 6.1A patch for this bug has been committed.After review, it may be pushed to the relevant source trees for release in the next version. Connector/Net 1.0 had some syntax for this but starting with Connector/Net 5.0 that all changed. Net 2.0 API, Microsoft did not directly provide for any type of API that users could use for selecting this. Second, the command object must have its Updated Row Source property set to Both or First Returned Record.

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