Vodafone blackberry validating account expire

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Tickets purchased with the user profile are only displayed as long as you are logged in to easy. Both options, ticket purchase with or without logging in, must be activated before they can be used. How you will receive the link – as a text message or email – depends on the data you provided in your user profile. The fares and terms can be viewed and downloaded at GO tickets with all mobile service providers (Telekom, Vodafone, E-Plus, o2 and Mobil Com-Debitel).

GO, The mobile number has been barred due to misuse of the ticket purchasing function Your mobile phone must fulfil the following requirements: For your own protection, easy. In most mobile phones, the certificate has already been pre-installed by the manufacturer.Your mobile phone’s operating instructions will tell you if and how you can install the certificate.Depending on your device, you can also learn more using the “Help” function. GO [see 3.6] all you need to do is ensure that value-added service is enabled.Yes, the ticket purchase function is also possible with a data card.The only requirement is that value-added service has been enabled.Real-time is displayed in either green or red minutes according to the timetable ( 1) or as green times (). Your mobile service provider (carrier with whom you have a payment plan contract) will charge you for connecting to the internet and for the data downloaded.

If real-time is not available, the currently valid timetable (planned arrival/departure) is displayed. Please check the prices and details stated in the conditions of your plan. GO, your mobile phone number must be activated for the purchase to be transacted.

And, as with contract customers, the use of so-called value-added services must be enabled by your mobile service provider.

If necessary, please check the terms of your pre-paid plan or contact your pre-paid provider.

Please check the terms of your mobile payment plan.

The following functions will specifically assist you if you are unfamiliar with the area: The following functions are particularly useful for you as a resident or commuter: Timetable: as a commuter, you know when your bus or train is scheduled to depart. GO will also inform you at remote stops about any delays.

“to work” or “back home”) Registration-free ticket purchases: with easy. No personal data is required to use the application’s information services. GO is available in the MDV region and on the SWB bus and rail lines in Bonn. GO for all fare zones within the Central German Transportation Association and the Rhein-Sieg public transportation association (VRS) in the city of Bonn. GO tickets can be purchased with or without logging in.

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