Who is david cassidy dating now

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Who is david cassidy dating now - one month dating poems

By the time he was 24, The Partridge Family was over.

He told Piers Morgan in 2014, “If I take another drink, I’m going to die, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. He faced three drunken driving charges, in November 2010, August 2013 and January 2014.The star, who enjoyed hits in the 1970s like "How Can I Be Sure", said he had decided to stop touring, adding: “I want to focus on what I am... I want to enjoy life.” In 2014 a judge sentenced Cassidy, who divorced his third wife last year and was recently declared bankrupt, to three months in rehab and five years' probation for drink-driving.AKA David Bruce Cassidy Born: 12-Apr-1950Birthplace: New York City Gender: Male Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Singer, Actor Nationality: United States Executive summary: The Partridge Family David Cassidy has made it clear that he was never a child star.But he hated the Partridge Family scripts and music, and unlike his Keith Partridge character, Cassidy had actually been raised in the 1960s, had been to Haight-Ashbury, and had smoked marijuana, and done mescaline, speed, LSD and heroin.Musically, he preferred rock'n'roll that had something to say over the saccharine sound of the Partridges.Cassidy was the show's breakout star, but he was not a prima donna.

He liked his co-workers, and had a discreet affair with his TV sister, Susan Dey.He reportedly once went to the offices of Tiger Beat magazine and pleaded with them not to put his picture on the cover, as he wanted to be an actor, not another Bobby Sherman-esque teen heartthrob.Cassidy tried to depurify his image by posing nude for Annie Leibovitz, for photos accompanying a Rolling Stone interview where he was harshly critical of the Partridges' music.A month later, his third wife, Sue Shifrin-Cassidy, filed for divorce.Cassidy filed for bankruptcy and in October 2015 was charged following a hit-and-run accident.After a 50-year career, the ’70s pop star had said recently that he would retire at the end of this year.

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